Aaliyah 1 – 11″ x 14″ Canvas

(2 customer reviews)

This is a 11 by 14 canvas Aaliyah 1



This is a 11 by 14 canvas Aaliyah 1

2 reviews for Aaliyah 1 – 11″ x 14″ Canvas

  1. bailey

    This is a way off the hook incredible colorful detailed painting of Aaliyah 1 it sold

  2. Anant

    Ok i bought this book ysrteeday and finished it this morning on my kindle. I am LIVID with it, what in the hell happended with the point of the point everything in the beginning seemed unnecessary because after peaches dies there definitely should have been more. I have been supporting this book and others since i first found Bitch in borders and i was overly excited to see that #7 was finally out. I have my sister, mother, aunt and even my grandmother reading them with me. And now all 5 of us are PISSED with #7. Just end it already,damn! Why do us as readers who continue to buy the books keep getting shorted every new book in this series. I’m done i don’t even care what happens to Precious Aaliyah or if they finally kill Maya’s evil ass. I will not waste my money on another 2 minute Bitch series book!!!!!!!!!!!

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